Transition Bay Steering Group

Robert Cervelli – Bob has been a life science technology start-up entrepreneur for over 25 years, and understands the issues related to new business creation and the health of resilient local communities. Robert has extensively tracked the international development of new economics.  He has been a member of the E.F. Schumacher Society for over 25 years, and has attended numerous international economics conferences with a focus on rebuilding economic resilience at the local and regional levels.  Robert also sits on the Advisory Board of the St Margarets Bay Stewardship Assoc., the Centre for Local Prosperity and several tech companies.  Robert manages a one-acre vegetable farm at his home in St Margarets Bay.

David Wimberly – 
David is co-founder and Event and Outreach Coordinator of Transition Bay St Margarets, helping develop economic, energy, food, and ecological resilience on a community level.  He works in helping other communities build Transition projects integrating local strengths and vision. David has been active for decades in waste/resource issues. In particular, he championed the pivotal role of managing organics as compost and of Zero Waste Strategies for genuine economic good, hosting an hour-long Eastlink TV show for three years on this topic.

David has a longstanding participation in community health issues. As early as 1974, David helped found research on sustainable farming and fresh water aquaculture in Costa Rica. He is an avid vegetable gardener and enjoys helping present events for public benefit. David is Canada’s only Master Flutemaker of modern instruments for classical and other music. For 44 years he has hand-made custom flutes and headjoints.

David was Coordinator of the Up!Skilling Festival and Expo for the Local Prosperity Conference ( and is one of the trio that initiated this conference.  He helps as Special Projects Manager for the Centre for Local Prosperity (


Cam Farnell – Cam is a computer programmer / electronic technician / entrepreneur with a long-standing interest in solar and other renewable technologies, even back in the days when economic growth was expected to carry on forever. Since encountering the concept of Peak Oil, thanks to James Howard Kunstler’s book “The Long Emergency”, he has been doing what he can to work toward a situation that combines a fulfilling life and low energy use. He currently lives in an off-grid house, has built a geodesic dome greenhouse and is diligently learning how to grow vegetables. Working with Transition Bay is a way to help people who are so inclined to prepare for a future that will be very different from the one which was until recently envisioned.


Bob AngusBob Angus – Bob is a person who believes that ‘hard work breeds success’. His professional management career in the financial sector ended at age 52 when he became a real estate agent.  After his first 18 months and over the next 8 years, he was either the #1 Individual or #1 Team Agent for Royal LePage Atlantic, until he retired in 2012. His sincerest interest in life has always been helping others and the real estate business has certainly helped him along that path. The reward was that his clients genuinely felt my passion to provide exceptional service.  More recently, Bob has joined a number of volunteer organizations who share his passion to help others.


Melanie Mulrooney – Originally from Newfoundland, and after a 17 year detour in Ontario, Melanie and her family moved to their forever home in the St Margarets Bay area in 2010. She and her husband feel blessed to be providing their four homeschooled children with the wonderful experience of growing up in a vibrant, beautiful community.

Melanie is passionate about sustainability and building strong communities, and is thrilled to be involved with Transition Bay St Margarets as a Community Catalyst, focusing on program planning and communications. She also organizes programs for the St Margarets Bay Homeschoolers group, and has recently accepted the Communications position on the board for the St Margarets Bay Stewardship Association.

Melanie’s family was very excited to be the host property for the Transition Bay Eat Your Yard program, and is enjoying the process of converting their yard to edible landscaping. They look forward to helping other families in the community do the same.


Courtenay Fraitzl – Courtenay is a recent transplant from the West Coast who moved here with her family in search of a lifestyle with more time spent with the people she loves most. Leaving behind a strong connection to her community that she is eager to find again here in the Bay. Courtenay’s professionally accomplishments have been strongly focused on working with people in ways that strengthen community ties, including community beautification projects, community and sharing gardens, program design and delivery, project management of community based projects and public event management.

A volunteer for over 30+ years Courtenay is rooted in the belief that her greatest gift to give is one of service. It is now part of her family’s charter, to help in ways that may not be recognized or seen, yet are truly felt by others. Communities are built by gifts of time and care, no matter how small the gift.